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Casto Oaks vineyard lies next to May Rock, the largest outcropping of quartz along the Mother Lode.

This is reflected in our soil profile, which consists of layers of rich red clay held together with tiers of shale and quartz. This structure provides a maze for the root structure of our 25 year old Zinfandel vines.

While this lowers the output of our Zin to a meager 1.5 tons per acre, it drives the fruit, color concentrations and minerality through the roof.

Aged in 10% new American oak this wine radiates light earth tones and a strong cherry profile up front followed by delicate tannins in the middle with hints of clove and licorice.

Bottle aged 12 months and currently in its prime, our Zin should hold well until 2025. 98% Zinfandel, 2% Zinfandel Port, abv 14.8%, pH 3.4. 280 cases produced.

2016 Estate Zinfandel

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